Friday, 11 July 2014

Arvind Kejriwal And Narendra Modi Joke

Arvind Kejriwal : How Famous are you…??
Narendra Modi : Whole world knows me.
Keju : Obama knows you..?
Modi: yes
Keju: Any proof?
Then…NaMo and Keju went to Obama’s house.
NaMo : stand here at the gate, i’ll be there with Obama in balcony and show u.
Keju : ok.
Narendra Modi comes with Obama and waved to Arvind Kejriwal from balcony.
Aftr sometime, Modi Ji bahar aaye toh dekha, Kejriwal behosh pada tha…
hosh me aane ke baad Modi Ji ne Kejriwal se reason pucha..

Kejriwal : Ek American aaya tha, aur puchha ki,
Who is that man with Narendra Modi in balcony…?
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